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Pale Nulle by LuckyBoySunday
Pale Nulle by LuckyBoySunday Pale Nulle by LuckyBoySunday Pale Nulle by LuckyBoySunday

Pale Nulle by LuckyBoySunday

Product Code: LBS-502
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Wauw, what cool friends you have! Yeah, I know. But really do you see them too?


Made of 100% baby alpaca and coolness and love and shhh. 

A handsome and rather dashing little character with his little knitted jumper and glasses, perhaps half rabbit half boy he has all the charm of one and all the rascally impishness of the other! His sideways glance suggests he may have been doing something we are not meant to know about! 

Lucky Boy Sunday was established on a sunny sunday afternoon. Their creators Camilla and Camilla made a promise to eachother: to create their very own version of a child's reality. Their workspace was built around the framework of the words 'silly,' 'seriously,' 'joyful,' 'graphics,' and 'dreams.' Their entire collection speaks this promise in a language of design that is enjoyed by both child and grown up alike.


Sisters Guild is proud to house these unique and beautiful pieces that can be enjoyed generation after generation. This collection, brought together by the talented Danish designers Camilla and Camilla, will undoubtedly become a classic for the new generation that blossoms today.


Each quirky little piece is made in Bolivia from 100% baby alpaca and non-toxic dyes. We are grateful too that they are all machine washable on a gentle wool cycle. So no matter how much they are hugged, cuddled with sticky fingers or journeyed around whilst bumping on the ground, you'll always be able to give them a clean!


Nulle measures: 70 cm tall!



Sorry, this product is out of stock.