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maileg guide

Welcome to the world of Maileg

The most enchanting bunnies, matchbox mice, woodland creatures, playthings, accessories and seasonal decor await your discovery.


Sisters Guild is one of the biggest stockists of Maileg online internationally and in the UK. It comes from falling in love many moons ago with all the bunny rabbits and their wonderful world.


Here's Part One of the Guide to all things Maileg: THE MAILEG BUNNY





The first Bunny Rabbits from Maileg arrived already named - there was Emily, Christina, Viola...

Now they arrive all innocent in their knitted or floral underwear ready to be named, dressed and adored and taken on many adventures by you! 


The Maileg Bunnies are made of linen fabric in a light or dark brown.  They have long dangly legs and arms and some have floppy ears others tall ears - altogether endearing and all the better for loving. 




We can finally make this one a bit clearer!


The Maileg Bunnies used to be named baby, small, medium, and then X, XL, XXL.....but now the designs are categorised as follows:




These pics will help you decipher and choose your bunny size.


Measurements of Maileg bunniesfrom tips of ears to toes depending on floppy or tall ears




Micro 13cm floppy ears - 16cm  tall pointy ears


Mini 23cm floppy ears - 26cm  tall pointy ears


Medium 46cm floppy ears - 50cm  tall pointy ears


Maxi 53cm floppy ears - 67cm  tall pointy ears


Mega 72cm floppy ears - 80cm  tall pointy ears


Mega-Maxi 86cm floppy ears - 104cm  tall pointy ears




There are also special Bunnies each season including Royal Bunnies & Angels 





The Bunny Wardrobe










So, what do they wear, these bunnies?  As well as making your own wonderful clothes or delving into your dolls wardrobe, Maileg have created many outfits to choose from, for each season. 

There's shoes and bags and this summer there's a Yoga set too.  The Maileg Bunnies do have an inspiring lifestyle! 




And what about the BUNNY HOME?

The Maileg Bunnies have wardrobes, ironing boards, clothes racks and washing lines.

There's cupboards, tables and chairs, benches, highchairs, prams and pottys.

A stove, a cradle, a nursery bed and a scooter coming soon too!


The Maileg furniture is suitable for the smallest bunny rabbits: the Maileg micro and mini bunnies, and some larger pieces for the Medium Rabbits.

Part Two of our guide will explore the Bunny Home in more detail.

If you have any bunny questions or need help with finding a gift, with beginning or adding to your Maileg collection please pop us an email

The next guide: all about the Maileg Bunny Furniture & Accessories