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Lunch Lady - Issue 3
Lunch Lady - Issue 3 Lunch Lady - Issue 3 Lunch Lady - Issue 3 Lunch Lady - Issue 3 Lunch Lady - Issue 3

Lunch Lady - Issue 3

Product Code: lunch_lady_3
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160 pages of inspiration:


FOOD: Smokey Baked Beans, Vanilla Marshmallows, Cauliflower + Fennel Soup, Bagels, Sourdough Bread, Chocolate Cream Pie, Carrot Top Pesto, Thyme + Black Cherry Jam Drops, Healthy Tiny Teddies … and more


FAMILY: Winter Camping, Rock at Six, Dads Who Draw, The Cardboard Box, A Mum’s Insight into Special Needs, Is Sugar Really that Bad? … and more


Find a recipe, a story, an image, a capture of a moment that you can relate to, be inspired by and ultimately feel and cook and eat along with. 


There's 4 issues to choose from with the new one coming soon. 

Wrap it up and give to the friend you share your motherhood moments with.


What is Lunch Lady Magazine?

Lunch Lady is a magazine where parenting is not taken too seriously but a balanced approach to family life is. Colourful, thoughtful and full-of-cheek, it reminds parents to keep things in perspective and have fun. It’s a beautifully printed kitchen keepsake full of recipes, inspiring family stories, photography, art + kids cooking ideas and funny relatable opinion pieces about the ups and downs of raising children.