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Lionheart Magazine - Issue Six

Lionheart Magazine - Issue Six

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Our favourite independent magazine from a wonder mama in Bristol.  A thick papered, heavenly ink scented zine full of inspiring words and illustration.  It's the kind of magazine that once you delve into you are lost in a reverie. When you come back to the surface something inside you has definitely changed.  You are reminded of the ebb and flow of life and how important it is to express that, and read about it too.

Discover people, stories, places, concepts, meanderings on love, life, nature, the world. It speaks to the soul.


The theme of Issue Six is Time.

Time is an appropriate theme as Lionheart Magazine is something that helps me find a time of focus and a moment in time that gives me something so wholesome and revitalising. 


Looking at time and how our view of it varies and is dictated to by when we are born, our choices/passions/ideals/whims that we follow – how that in turn impacts our perception of the speed of time and what we appreciate within those ticking seconds. As the White Rabbit said, one second can be forever.

Meet majestic humans such as Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, telly star/author/designer Dawn O’Porter, Kate Stables from folk melody wonder This is the Kit, inspiring apothecary Amanda, in her barn filled with bottles, oceans of flowers and a huge suspended alembic. Then there’s Lara from the gorgeous Somerset-based Manor Farm Cottage Flowers, Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka, a tour of a ‘weatherboard shack’ in Australia, natural dyeing and a recipe from Claire Thomson of The Five O’Clock Apron. Of course, we also have Olivia Purvis discussing style, Jess Furseth explores repetitive/new experience and a giant living artefact in her Norwegian home, Victoria Haynes is on the treasure sourcing and Freya Hardy is back with notes to her daughters. Don’t forget the photography, the illustration – all hail the cover soon to be released! – and the whole lotta soul that goes into each and every issue.

Hope you love this one, LOVE IT!