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Extra Strong Disk Magnets - Set of 10

Extra Strong Disk Magnets - Set of 10

Product Code: mz-disc
Availability: In Stock

These magnets are perfect to hang drawings and messages on your fridge or on our magnetic wallpaper or magnetic stickers.

This magnet set consists of 10 disk magnets
Diameter 10mm & height 4mm
Color coating nickel
material neodymium
1 disc magnet is sufficient for hanging a postcard.
For heavier paper we recommend 2 disc magnets. 

WARNING. Children should never hold or play with neodymium magnets as can cause blood blisters and cuts and serious injury if swallowed. if more than one magnet is swallowed they can attract to each other through the walls of the intestines, get stuck and pinch the digestive tract causing major swelling and even life-threatening injuries requiring surgery. Always keep out of the reach of children! PLEASE READ AND KEEP THE NOTE ENCLOSED WITH THE MAGNETS

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