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50% OFF Pierrot All in One - Yellow - Waddler 3 yrs only

50% OFF Pierrot All in One - Yellow - Waddler 3 yrs only

Product Code: WD-AW17-pierrot__onesie_yellow
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A onesie classic with old fashioned pierrot clown collar. Made by hand in Bolivia from pure baby alpaca yarn.

Waddler knits are made from 100% baby alpaca wool. The alpaca is an animal similar to a llama and native to the South American Andes. Their wool is one of the world's softest and warmest natural fibres, seven times warmer than cashmere and as soft as merino, and unlike sheeps wool has no lanolin to soak up stains. So it keeps little ones warm, is soft and hypoallergenic, fire resistant (unlike synthetics) and food spillages can be brushed off!

More about Waddler a family of adventurers… ….
We decided to create designs for children that wove together our adventure and experiences in South America with the millenarian traditions of the people who would make them.  The result was Waddler. And we decided to give as much back as possible.  We ensure all our knitters are paid three times the minimum wage and we've seen the results of this.  Back breaking drudgery replaced by washing machines , kids able to afford school materials and all round happier families.  Even the Alpacas themselves contribute to our ethics by being one of the planets most eco friendly agricultural animals.  Low impact soft feet protect fragile ecosystems and they don't over graze like sheep or goats. 

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