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mame ohagki - gg*
mame ohagki - gg* mame ohagki - gg* mame ohagki - gg* mame ohagki - gg* mame ohagki - gg* mame ohagki - gg*

mame ohagki - gg*

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mame ohagki means ‘bean’ in Japanese. 


This is a set of wooden beans with a small bowl and chop sticks.


They can be used like building blocks by piling them up, lining them up (side by side) like dominos, arranging them by color or using them to create little table top collages.


A good way to practice using chop sticks and great for dexterity and finger training to help children build up the muscles they need for writing.


The beans can be used to teach children how to count or simple addition, subtraction and division.



size : 20 x 15 x 3mm (bean)

   150 x 100mm (pouch)

material : beech / fabric

contents : 100 mame ohagki (beans), a set of wooden chopsticks, a bowl,a denim pouch, a cotton bag


gg* is a Japanese brand that has been producing wooden toys and products since 2007. The concept was started by Kaz and Novi, '2 girls' , hence the name, gg*.

The gg* collection have beautiful soft muted colours that show the natural grain of the wood. gg* items have a matt finish and a natural and safe beeswax coating.


kaz & nov of gg* say:


We hope to inspire many happy smiles, because for us they are the greatest treasure!

We wish to be a bridge between kids, adults and the world.


We want to give kids a little bit of inspiration to embark on new adventures.

We want to excite their imaginations so that they can discover for themselves the joy of playtime.


We see kids as the world's little artists, so creative and full of joy!

Through different games and activities, we want to learn with them and about them.


May gg* toys take you on an incredible journey of discovery.

Sorry, this product is out of stock.