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Johnny Joes's Colouring Book
Johnny Joes's Colouring Book

Johnny Joes's Colouring Book

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The Rosie Flo collection of colouring books are a wonderful collection designed by Roz Streeten. The books are designed to place the child in the artists chair not just by colouring the beautiful and enchanting line drawings but also by adding legs, arms and heads. The paper quality is thick enough to avoid showing through or damaging the picture on the next page. It is sturdy enough to withstand a few journeys without falling apart and small enough to fit in a child's hand luggage. The lines are intentionally not too thick, as this makes it look like it is only for preschool children.
The age range is between around 4 to 12 and beyond.

Hooray for Johnny Joe! A colouring book designed for boys. Fight with the dinosaurs, imagine the worlds strongest man and who might be walking on stilts. Join the boys and let your imagination fill the pages.

"At last a colouring book for boys. Another sure fire winner"

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