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Gatcha Gatcha bingo! by Kiko+
Bingo!   Our wonderful wooden Gatcha Gatcha game now has a sister game Gatcha Gatcha Bing..
Ex Tax: £40.50
Star elastics jewellery and accessories - kiko+
Neatly packaged in a small waxed paper sachet  Look carefully and you will see an elastic ..
Ex Tax: £2.60
tanabata 七夕 star cookies - kiko+
Following the success of the tanabata stars comes these tanabata cookies. With pretty patterned s..
Ex Tax: £24.50
Tanabata 七夕 Stars - kiko+
tanabata is a star festival on the seventh day of July in Japan, dedicated to love. Children make a..
Ex Tax: £36.00
Machi Paris - create your own town - kiko+ - 50% OFF
Machi - means town in Japanese    Ooh lala, be chic in your own mini Paris magnet to..
£27.50 £14.25
Ex Tax: £14.25
mame ohagki - gg*
mame ohagki means ‘bean’ in Japanese.    This is a set of wooden beans with a small ..
Ex Tax: £33.00
Oekaki house & cat drawing board - gg*
Oekaki means ‘drawing board’ in Japanese. This beautiful magic board allows you to draw with ..
Ex Tax: £49.00
tsumiki - house shaped wooden block set by gg*
gg*s new design is a doll house shaped wooden block set. Consists of 41 pieces, including shape b..
Ex Tax: £78.00